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About Us and our work doing antique restoration


Bill Oakley - Owner

Oakley Restoration & Finishing, llc has evolved over 28 years from Bill Oakley’s first antique furniture restoration business, Phoenix Restoration, which was based in Brooklyn, New York.

After relocating in 1994 to New Milford in Litchfield County Connecticut, Bill doubled the company’s size and expanded to a two man shop.  Over the years he continued to grow the business, and Oakley now employs 4 full-time Restoration Artisans in addition to himself.


Nathan Meyer

Nathan has over 20 years with Oakley Restoration and over those years he has grown tremendously as a craftsman and artisan.  He continuously displays his unique and exacting skills doing expert furniture repairs, refinishing and custom furniture making. If it can be made, Nathan will do it!


Scott Oshinski

Scott has been at this game for as long as Bill Oakley and has developed such excellent skills at not only specialized furniture repairs and antique restoration but he can fool any expert with his old looking finishes! Scott has the patience to take on those difficult projects involving surgical-like skills.


Rich Grasa

Rich is our newest team member and we're happy to have him aboard! He has been working hard at learning antique restoration and furniture refinishing techniques from the rest of the team and has shown a natural aptitude for it. I see a bright future for Rich in our shop.


Fawn Macnab

Fawn has been repairing furniture as long as any of us.  She  specializes in all types of seat weaving and caning. You bring it and Fawn will do it! I haven't come across anything that she hasn't been able to do. So happy to have her as one of our crew!


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